I asked the candidate how he would show us that he was willing to start at the ground floor and work his way up in the organization, just like everyone else. Without hesitating in his answer about ‘hard work and great attitude,’ he proceeded to take off his sport coat, undo his tie and lay down on the floor. He ended his speech with ‘I can get a lot of work done from here as long as they let me use my small laptop.’ He wound up get hired — not as an accountant, but as a marketing assistant. His creativity outsold his logic.

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Help us out with your story from the fringes of “strange encounters of the business kind.” Working in Human Resources or Recruiting can be the equivalent of taking a walk along the fault-line of evolution — some people just seem to do and say things in your presence that come from their primal core, passing utterly and completely by the concepts of logical behavior and social grace. It simply seems that not a week passes by without being present at an event or conversation where your reaction is: “I wonder if aliens are watching this. If they are, they’ll know not to invade. There is nothing here worth taking over.” Interviews, promotion meetings, strategy sessions and annual reviews — no human encounter seems to be exempt from the humor of fringe behavior. Send us your story at: or simply leave it as a comment to someone else’s (true?) story.