The very nature of work, who does it, where, why and with whom, has been changing dramatically and forever. The “social contract” with employers and workers has changed. The workplace is no longer just hired employees and employer and is no longer a space confined to a legacy corporate structure.
This has dramatically changed the way people and executives look at great places to work, and in turn great workplaces.
At times we simply need to stand up in our own Hyde Park and sound off. Sometimes we simply need to act out the obvious metaphor. Maybe we are just tired of ranting about work and employment. One thing for sure, you’ll want to keep up with the random rants and take a turn on the box of soap yourself.
Some things about “work” will simply never change: employees, bosses and people applying for work do silly and sometimes surprisingly stupid things. Examples of human folly need a public platform so that we might laugh at, with and for these aberrations of evolution. We’ll bring these stories and experiences to you and ask of you to return the kindness in our comments area. It’s all for fun, and in today’s business world, well, we freakin’ deserve to laugh!
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If you are smart enough to have read this far, you are one in a thousand who is actually looking for knowledge, rather than thinking you know everything, having lived a few years. The value of this section, actually the whole site, is that what is contained here is the product of a lot of very smart, very experienced people who simply know more than you do, and are sharing it, free of charge. Read, learn from them, think about what you have read, and you could put your knowledge on a different path. You could become more valued by other people. Not because you exist, but because you have greater experience and knowledge than those people. Bubba … that’s what it is all about.