Hold onto your anticipations campers! A Job Near Home will be launching a small, semi-exclusive ‘job board’ in the very near future! Last year launching a job board would have been laughable as there were no jobs, so to speak. In 2010 and beyond, jobs are coming back, and you have asked to be informed of great jobs ‘Near Home.’ Right around the corner. It’s About Time®.

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The concept of A Job Near Home began in 1989 under the name of CareerSearch Online. It would have been the first website dedicated to “Employment and Living”, but we couldn’t get venture money. Actually, 22 of 22 VC’s contacted replied “What’s the Internet? We tried again in 1998, but couldn’t find a reasonably priced software platform. Many NEO folks may remember that AJNH then became a different type of company that was later turned back into A Job Near Home (.com). We never gave up the idea of having a comprehensive “Employment and Living” site for NEO, and here we are. With a great amount of altruism, we have dedicated AJNH to being the center of all that is important in Business, Life, Employment and Civic engagement in North East Ohio. We are all about “Lifting” NEO out of the image of the burning river (even though some use that image to promote themselves), city default and rust. We KNOW that the people and communities of NEO are unique, strong and far underrated. We love it here, and want to mirror those of you who do too. AJNH evolved and is still evolving. The concept grew from a job board for North East Ohio ONLY, into a totally unique “Opportunities Area” (Jobs, Assignments and more), the most powerful Networking site on the planet (Network North East Ohio), a content and guidance area not to be found elsewhere (300 articles), a HD Video area dedicated to Celebrating the BEST Entrepreneurs in NEO (E2e), The BEST Civic/ Social Entrepreneurs and their organizations (People Making A Difference), The BEST Innovators (Innovation NEO, in conjunction with Nortech) and the BEST advisors for start up and stage one companies you can find (Solution Series). ALL of these people are in North East Ohio. We are starting with OVER 200 “webisodes” to watch (over 60 hours of video that took over 3,000 hours to produce, film and edit) and we are producing more each week. We even threw into all that “Corporate Connect” our version of Corporations Telling You why you should want to work there. We are innovators in bringing Crowd Sourcing (Idea Challenge NEO) to the region in an open and beneficial way so that companies can find solutions locally and local ideas can find rewards for their solutions. We are the innovators bringing to all Businesses Owners and Creative Videographers (pro or am) a way for small business owners and Creative Videographers to collaborate on short ads for “Ad Competition NEO”. AJNH takes those 4-minute videos and puts them up in Network NEO for all visitors to see and rate. Videographers have a showcase for their talents, business owners can get PR and the audience can have fun and vote for their favorites. How darn cool is that! We have FUN things to do; we have serious things to think about. Actually, A Job Near Home has something for you regardless of what you do or who you are. A Job Near Home is all about: Connect, Engage, Collaborate% on our site, in your career and in your life. The majority of our content channels are blogs, both created here and RSS fed. In Network NEO anyone can form a group (or put up your existing group) and put up a blog or RSS feed their blog in. What we hear is that a good number of people want to do is to create groups around answering the Idea Challenges. How productive can you get? We even have an incredibly thorough and NEW look at “The Great Workplace 2.0” that shows that the future of work is not what you have been told. This content area alone is worth telling your friends and co-workers about. Even (and especially) if they have a company of two people but are thinking about growing. AJNH has a strategic plan to expand our extensive research into a community-based recognition program that encourages the small company to step forward. Yes, it will send some HR folks into a tizzy, and will infuriate some managers in “Command and Control” organizations or those who fete only the top% of the company’s elite crew. Move over folks, the Collaborators are in-charge now. We have elvolved from a website concept into the world’s first “TREEN™” (Tool for Regional Employment and Economic Networking). We encourage you to contact us if you would like to have a guidance channel (you could promote yourself) or have a great idea for AJNH. We will respond! ras@ajobnearhome.com A TON of people had a hand in all this and we thank you for it. A man named Chris Luke helped almost from the beginning and almost to launch, and we thank you for your fine contributions. A guarantee: A Job Near Home will be in your face and grow. Every week, every month. You won’t get bored. Connect, Engage, Collaborate™. It’s About Time™ and “Where Employment, Life and Business Meet In North East Ohio™”. Or even: “North East Ohio. Now THIS is Living*#8482”. Be proud. A Job Near Home is a privately owned company in NE Ohio. We own 20 trademarks relative to our business, over 300 URL’s relative to our names, content channels and concepts and we own the rights to everything on our site. If you wish to quote us on something, please do so. If you wish to make suggestions or volunteer to help, we welcome your support. We do not claim a minority status even though the ownership family is Native American. We do however claim the right to be whatever the great region of North East Ohio wants us to be. Yes, our plans are to go “National” after populating many more planned regions that deserve to be showcased just like North East Ohio.