The Great Workplace 2.0
Connect. Engage. Collaborate.™



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The purpose of The Great Workplace 2.0™ is simple: while it is happening, show core changes in great workplaces, so that start-ups, small and mid-size companies, can extract the principles that other companies are discovering. By example, grow in a healthy and sustainable fashion; return to our economy great dividends of revenue, value and innovation.

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An award-winning recruiting firm owner — informed by 30 years experience, top experts, tireless research, successes and even some failures — is uniquely privileged to uncover why “Connect, Engage, Collaborate™” is more than a trademark in his book, but an operating philosophy for our times.

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A Hoodie might look bad-ass around the mall, home or ‘hood. It looks like “You don’t get the job” at an interview.

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The future is here and yes, sadly, it means emailing, texting or tweeting the person sitting right next to you. Is face-to-face communication becoming extinct?

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“Job-hopping” may avoid real, and sustained performance. Sustained job performance is more difficult than simply looking good for a brief period of time.

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Business continues whether you are on vacation or not, so plan accordingly for your vendors and clients.

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No real jobs? Just temporary jobs? Beg to differ! You are unenlightened sir. Real jobs. Real hiring. REAL SUPPORT given by the staffing industry without whom this economy would be standing still.

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