The Great Workplace 2.0
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The purpose of The Great Workplace 2.0™ is simple: while it is happening, show core changes in great workplaces, so that start-ups, small and mid-size companies, can extract the principles that other companies are discovering. By example, grow in a healthy and sustainable fashion; return to our economy great dividends of revenue, value and innovation.

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And you know those people whose circle is wide: They are the ones who first ask: “So, what do YOU think?”

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“The Wizard put on a public face that suited his mission in his mind. It was not the real Wizard…”

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This month’s CRT panel discussion will investigate how our panel companies cultivate the culture within their organizations and help shape the attitudes and outlooks of their employees to support and accelerate sustainable action. We will discuss the challenges of creating and fostering the culture to maintain transparency, recruit and retain talent, and to continually plan strategically for the overall health of the organization.

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To achieve that “seat at the table”, THE way to do it is to study Collaborations, become expert and to influence and lead the organization to implement those methodologies.

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“You may be starting to commit job suicide”

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