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The purpose of The Great Workplace 2.0™ is simple: while it is happening, show core changes in great workplaces, so that start-ups, small and mid-size companies, can extract the principles that other companies are discovering. By example, grow in a healthy and sustainable fashion; return to our economy great dividends of revenue, value and innovation.

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By: Robert I. Sutton, PhD September 2, 2010. RePosted from Fast Company Blog, 9.2.10

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RAS comment: We went through this recently with a longer term employee becoming a Narcissistic Icon. It was painful, debilitating for the other great employees, and worst of all, the guy didn’t even know how he was affecting others/ did not see it in himself. He truly thought the world turned on his axis.

For those managers worried they are staffing their teams with a bunch of jerks, we have this handy quiz! Answer truthfully and learn if you are a leader of obnoxious superstars.

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Having solid criteria for granting credit to a new client is a sound business practice. TGW’s Abacus gives tips on what to look for when doing so.

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Leadership not only sets the example they set the tone. Checking your company’s mental health is part of that leadership role. How is the morale of your staff these days?

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We seem to be stuck in a mode that says we need to go along with whatever news we get.

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The mail system was conceived right here in Cleveberg? Yep! Read on!

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Timing is everything in recruiting. When top performers have the upper hand in your industry, it’s time to call in the experts to help!

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