The Great Workplace 2.0
Connect. Engage. Collaborate.™



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The purpose of The Great Workplace 2.0™ is simple: while it is happening, show core changes in great workplaces, so that start-ups, small and mid-size companies, can extract the principles that other companies are discovering. By example, grow in a healthy and sustainable fashion; return to our economy great dividends of revenue, value and innovation.

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Do I trust that your motives and feedback are always driven by your interest in helping me or in helping the organization to achieve its objectives?

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The world has become open and collaborative. Upside, your contributions are more visible and satisfying; downside, they’re also more expected.

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Hiring up to 100 qualified people in: Electronics Technicians, Mechanical Assembly, Through Hole Soldering, Forgings, General Labor, Mechanical Assembly, and more.

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When recruiting professionals look at the hiring process from the candidate’s perspective.

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Changing the culture of a workplace.

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Don’t change jobs on a rainy day.

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