Will Bad Credit Block That Job? Check it First!
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March 28, 2010

Have you ever run a background check on yourself?  Websites such as TransparentMe allow users to find out what is on their background check before applying for their next job!

Bad Credit is Blocking People Getting Jobs

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After 35 years at the same job, now facing unemployment in a dismal economy, Vernita Humphries of Randallstown was elated when she landed a job. But just days before her start date, the chief financial officer telephoned her personally to rescind the offer.

Her bad credit, stemming in part from a divorce and the cost to care for her mother after a stroke, had come back to haunt her.

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Employers’ use of credit histories to screen applicants is turning into one more barrier for the nation’s unemployed-about 15 million people – many of whom end up with tarnished credit when they lose a job and struggle to pay bills, credit cards and household expenses.  Critics of the practice say it perpetuates a cycle of joblessness and hinders economic recovery.

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That has stirred a movement, supported by consumer and worker advocacy groups, to clamp down on credit checks by employers.  In Maryland, lawmakers are proposing legislation that would ban credit checks to hire or fire, though it would not apply to financial institutions or businesses required by law to check credit.  It has been flagged as a priority by Senate Democrats.

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Fifteen other states are considering similar laws, while legislation is pending in Congress that would ban employers from hiring and firing based on creditworthiness.  Proponents say credit reports can contain errors and, even when accurate, can be an unfair and discriminatory judge of worker ability.

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Article taken in part from Jason Morris’ blog, Employeescreen IQ. A partner of The Great Workplace.





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