Nine Year Old Boy Hero
By Admin

March 12, 2010

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It was one of the first Spring like mornings in Cleveland for a very long time. Wednesday morning, in March waiting for the bus to come before school two little nine year old boys were shooting hoops in the driveway because they just had too much energy to simply stand and wait.   Isn’t that typical of all little boys?  Go, go, go – “what do you want to do next?” is the eternal question of all active little boys.  Except this morning when the kind and compassionate actions of one little nine year old Mickey became a real live hero.

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Nine year old Mickey and his friend Chris were engrossed in their morning game of hoops waiting for the school bus when all of a sudden this black Labrador walked up the drive and plopped down totally exhausted.  Mickey started to go up to the dog when Chris shouted, “Don’t!”   Mickey said, “Why not, I want to help it.”   “Leave it alone.”  “No, it needs help.”  “Common, leave it alone.”

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Mickey walked up to the exhausted dog that just barely had the strength to wag its tail.  He stoked its head as it lay in the driveway. At nine years old Mickey had the sense to check out the collar.  He noticed a phone number and another series of numbers.  He reached in his book bag and on his homework wrote down all the numbers he found.

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Telling Chris to stay with the dog (as if the dog was going anywhere it was so tired) he hurried into the house not bothering to tell Gramma who babysits the other siblings. He ran to the phone, picked it up and dialed.   A woman’s soft voice answered, “Thank you for calling the Cleveland Sight Center
how may I help you?”   With a strong tiny little voice Mickey said excitedly, “I found a dog and it has numbers on it!”   Knowing she was talking to a child the woman asked him to tell her the numbers. She took down the numbers and did a trace as Mickey waited with anticipation.

“Yes!” she said. “She’s been reported missing I have their phone number do you want to call them?”  “YEAH” said Mickey. transition Articles of essayshark
Mickey was taking down the number when Gramma discovered him in the kitchen.  She immediately asked what was he doing inside and why was he on the phone?! While still on the phone, like a speeding bullet Mickey rattled off his story: “we found a dog, she’s lying outside with Chris, see, go look, she had a collar, it had numbers on it and I called the numbers, the lady said she’s been reported missing and she’s going to give me the phone number of the dog’s home! She’s outside with Chris…her name is Sissy, see, go look and see her, she had numbers on her collar and I called!  Can I call them now please, Gramma, huh?  Please?”

Totally taken aback and somewhat in shock she asked to speak with the person on the other end of the phone.  Mickey handed over the receiver.  Gramma listened.  Her eyes misted over.  She took down the number again and said thank you.   She turned to Mickey and said he was a very good boy.  Sissy’s parents were looking for her.  They lived over three miles away.  She’s come a long, long way and was very lucky Mickey found her.  She asked if he would like to call them.  And Mickey said ….YES!

Mickey called the Mommy and Daddy of Sissy.  They were so happy.  Mickey thought he heard the lady crying.  They asked if they could come right over to get Sissy.  Mickey asked Gramma and Gramma thought there was no better day to be late for school than this day!  She said yes.  Mickey passed the phone to Gramma and Gramma gave them directions to their house. Mickey flew outside to tell Sissy that Mommy and Daddy are coming to get her.  Gramma followed a little bit later and found Sissy’s head in Mickey’s lap.   The bus was coming.  Gramma told Chris to get ready for the bus and told Mickey that he can stay and wait with her.  “I’ll take you to school after they come and get Sissy.”

Marge and David came within fifteen minutes.  Marge sobbed and sobbed.  David cried too.  Then they got down on their knees next to Sissy whose head was still in Mickey’s lap and told him about Shelly, their daughter.   Shelly was seventeen years old and Sissy was her seeing-eye dog.  Shelly was blind because she had Retinal Cancer, kind of like cancer in the eyes they told him.   She died a week ago and Sissy misses her.  Sissy was the only living connection they had to their only child, Shelly.

Mickey was a hero.  A nine year old boy who had the good sense to help for no other purpose than….because became a hero.  Just because.

They wanted to give him a hero’s reward but he refused.   Holding on to Grammas hand, he said good-bye to Marge, David and Sissy.

Mickey is my son and I am so very, very proud of him. If I could tell the whole world about him I would… Julie LaRich