How to Absolutely Pass Any Drug Test! (And Get the Job You Really Want)
By Admin

March 17, 2010

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There is an enormous buzz going around “employment land” these days about Drug Tests, how to pass them, how to squeeze by them, how to skunk them, how to make sure employees are drug free and how to assure a safer working environment…for everyone involved.

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One can read the proverbial “how to’s” on passing drug tests (6 panel, 10 panel and Hair follicle tests) online at many different sites. American Businesses spend BILLIONS of dollars every year in Drug Free programs, drug tests and education about drugs (the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has GREAT info on this and the statistics about injuries in the workplace due to drug use).

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As everyone is probably aware, Champion Personnel System was the FIRST Drug Free Staffing Service Level II in the ENTIRE State of Ohio. (no big deal really, being the FIRST)  As a matter of fact, the OBWC is now using our model to help OTHER staffing firms get on the bandwagon.

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So…for all people looking for jobs, to get off unemployment, to get back to work and to be able to move their careers forward, here is my 30 years of employment expertise advice on HOW to pass a thorough drug test and get the job you want:

Don’t Do Drugs.

A simple, elegant and inexpensive solution.


Robert Schepens, CEO

Champion Personnel System, Inc.


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    Yours is an important message and elegantly stated.
    Employers have a vested interest in those they hire as the employee should have pride in the job they do and the deal they cut with there employers.
    If an employee received 100% of the remuneration offered for work performed then the employer has an expectation of getting 100% of the employee’s time talent and expertise on the job. To come to work with anything less, is reneging on the contract the employee made with his employer.
    This is also not a difficult concept.

  2. Jim; Thank you. Although the concept is easy, the execution (being drug free) seems to be in fact difficult. It does not help that our top sports programs (StupidBowl) are sponsored by booze companies.