The IX Center, One of the Biggest Indoor Convention Centers in the Universe
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June 29, 2009

Oh, it’s huge. I mean really big. Gigantic. Enormous. Colossal. Large indeed.

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It’s one of the world’s most extensive indoor convention centers, period, and it’s located right here in Cleveland. Even the street it sits on is named after the jumbo-normous structure: I-X Center Drive. This road will steer you straight towards the International Exposition Center, the near one million square foot convention center plays host to over two million visitors a year, entertaining those attending shows, exhibitions, and amusements.

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This wasn’t always the case with the I-X Center. People didn’t enter through the gargantuan-sized doors to browse jewelry collections, walk in and out of life-size homes, or watch dogs’ parade around to see who’s best in show. Nor did they exit still spinning from riding the world’s biggest indoor Ferris wheel or playing around in the world flashiest and newest automobiles. Nope, the I-X Center filled a much more regimented purpose.

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Back in 1942 when this tremendous structure was raised, entrants of the building assembled the super large B-29 Superfortress bombers that were flown during World War II. This is the reason for the considerably ginormous doors and mammoth space. Later during the Korean War, (1950-1953) army tanks were built inside, hence why the I-X Center is situated only one mile adjacent from Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Convenience obviously. At the busiest assembly times, employment reached 15,000 workers.

It was 1985 when the construction became an exhibition palace. It has become the hub to trade shows galore, banquets, and benefits. With the newly renovated conference center and 16,000 square foot ballroom, wedding receptions, proms, and corporate events are hits at the I-X. The space presents a wide variety of exhibits, from the Human Resource shows, golf exposes, and welcome to the gun show. Regionally the I-X center represents the destination center for choice shows in this part of the country.

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