How The Great Workplace 2.0 Hires THE BEST PEOPLE
By Admin

March 8, 2010

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We are speaking about THE best workplaces of today and tomorrow, and how they differentiate themselves from the “also-ran” pack of today and yesterday:

Throughout our copious research we found these characteristics to be true:

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1)     Their door is “Always Open”: “Discovering” new potential employees, board members, vendors, partners and collaborators is an ALL THE TIME activity. It is NOT a valve to be turned on and off. New talent (participant) is critical for forward movement. Discussion with potential participants does not take the place of the normal course of business and is controlled, but it is viewed as a core value in their Purpose and Visions. Staff members who view this as interference are adjusted. People who think that the castle is for “members only, all others stay away”, simply are not hired. essays essay essays Bertrand planes
2) Hiring and Recruiting are the first stage in the organization’s immersion (Onboarding) program. The potential participant needs to be ENGAGED, not told to “buzz off”. “Legacy” corporations typically have “Command and Control” attitudes in the talent acquisition departments (they used to be called Human Resources, but that was NOT fancy enough). The new great workplace has a different attitude: they want EVERYONE they meet to drool at the prospect of working or participating there. They have a collaborative foundation that comes from their company PURPOSE. These people who participate in Onboarding know that each person can be great PR for or against the company, and act appropriately. They also know that beginning the process during the initial meeting accelerates the time to PROFITABILITY of the new person.

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3) The idea that the company should create visual and ideological barriers to its inner sanctum is dissolved. Perhaps this sounds like our second observation, but it is not. “Attitude” is part of the process, but legacy organizations did everything in their power to attempt to create physical barriers to becoming part of the organization. It started in their want ads and continued to their Personnel Offices: everything essentially said: “WE are special and you need to walk over broken glass to be one of us”. The world of business is now Collaborative. To attract the best talent, you have to PROVE that you are, not just have it as a one-liner in your brochure. Seymouria assignment essays essay essay
Above is simply “Part One” of the list. Let this sink in, before you go to Part Two. Again, this research covers more than 500 C-level interviews, over 150 books and over 100 exclusive white papers. The research has taken over 3,000 hours to date. If your recruiting efforts are more toward the “Legacy” organization, you will need to totally adjust your thinking about people, and what makes a great organization BEFORE you revamp HR. Trying to emulate the great talent magnets will only make your organization look naked and pale.

The result of being or becoming a The Great Workplace 2.0 is simple: PROFITABILITY.

Respectfully submitted by Robert Schepens, Hiring Authority.