It is a Full Time Job Looking for a Job, Isn’t it?
By Admin

March 8, 2010

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I know you’re sending out resumes but you’re never receiving responses. “What color is my parachute? You’ve got to be kidding! Who’s got time for that?” you say. And then before you know it, panic sets in and with that panic comes a sense of desperation paralyzing you into lethargy. You’re stuck. You see that job opportunity but you stare at that blank page for your cover letter immobile. ”What’s the point” you sigh, “they’re not going to call me back.”

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Negativity becomes your own worst enemy during any job search. It transforms rational thought into despair. Your reality becomes skewed and ruled by a negative attitude. Everything you see, touch, relates with is seen through this negative state of being. But the reality is that it is you that have become your own worst enemy.

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Being unemployed is horribly difficult. The job search is draining. It takes a lot of energy to stay on track. But to search for a job when you are in this negative state of being is in essence shooting yourself in the foot.

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Before you even begin your search you must first dispel that fear – that negativity. No matter how hard you try, that negativity will come through in all of your correspondence. Your very first task before you even THINK to begin your job search should be STOPPING that negative spiral.

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At the risk of sounding metaphysical there is, whether you believe it or not, a law of attraction. Like attracts like and negative begets even more negativity. It’s science. Wikipedia’s definition of an electron which is the negative aspect of energy is “The subatomic particle that carries a negative electric charge. No two electrons can occupy the same space.”

Read that last sentence over again – “no two electrons can occupy the same space”. Negativity fills all void. Negativity becomes the all of the All. There is no room for anything but negativity.

Now let’s look at it’s polar opposite, the proton. Wikipedia’s definition – “The proton is a subatomic particle with a positive electric charge. It is found in the nucleus of each atom, along with neutrons, but is also stable by itself.”

Let’s re-read that last part again – “it is stable by itself”.

Ok, protons and electrons are the elementary foundation of all that is science. Applying it to this situation is a stretch, I’ll admit, but my point is – like attracts like and negative begets negative. You can’t begin any job search with negativity. It will come through in your cover letter. It will also come through on your resume. Negativity will come through in your direct verbal communication with the hiring source if you ever get that far. You will eat, sleep and breathe negativity. Even if in truth they aren’t treating you negatively, because of your own state of being, that is exactly what you will experience.

First things first, work on yourself! Overcome that negativity before you draft that cover letter. Always remember, you are that proton capable of being stable by yourself.

Here’s a little video I found to help get you back on to a more positive mind set. I’m not promoting any organization, new age thought or technique here just trying to reshape you into a more positive state of being. There are other ways to shake off that negativity. I’d like to hear from others how you’re overcoming negativity during your job search. What techniques do you use?

Barbara Krecic
Champion Personnel Systems