Welcome to Work Is Good ®
By Admin

March 8, 2010

It may be a great motivational article that gives you the momentum you need to land your next challenging job, or a simple tip that moves your career forward in your current position. Work Is Good ® has been designed by true employment professionals to cut through the unproven theories you will see on the internet and get to useable information that can help in your job search, interview techniques and career building methods to get you where you need to be: employed, happy, productive and informed.

Work Is Good ® is a collaborative effort of many organizations that specialize in providing employment-related services, advice and counsel to job seekers, hiring employers and business managers and is offered as a view of the future of work, not just a compilation of what has been. As a matter of fact, Work Is Good ® is the “Participant’s” (employee, vendor, board member, freelancers and contractors, and community members) point of view into The Great Workplace 2.0 ™ and is designed to help individuals be most effective in the workplace of today and tomorrow.

The very nature of work, who does it, where, why and with whom has changed and will never be the same. Our purpose is to keep you thoroughly informed and prepared to tackle all your challenges ahead.