The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery, Authors: Ron Finklestein, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Scott Michael Zimmerman
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January 17, 2010

Why The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery Was Written

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The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery was written for business owners and managers who want to get more control over their businesses and achieve more balance in their personal lives. The Platinum Rule helps you, the business owner, understand how and why employees, customers and associates behave the way they do. It also teaches you to how to adapt your behavior around each of them to achieve the most effective results; lowering interpersonal tension while increasing cooperation. Stated a different way: Your success is 100% dependent on how well you coach, counsel, motivate, influence, and inspire others to take action!

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The book came about because of two reasons. I did a business conference for years that invited successful business owners to tell us what they did to be successful. That is where the 12 areas came from. Once I understood the successful business owners all did the same 12 things I set out to teach them to my clients.

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The only thing that tied all 12 areas together effectively was The Platinum Rule. As a business coach I needed a way to teach sales process to clients who really struggled with being a “Sales Person.” What I teach them is to stop selling and solve problems by asking questions. Using The Platinum Rule I am successful in teaching them that sales is not selling things to someone but teaching potential customers them how to buy from you. This takes away much of the stress of selling. I am now helping. Once I was successful in changing their beliefs about sales I needed a way to reach them in other areas of the business.

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But that was just one part of the problem. Here is the second part. Small business owners are not trained in the “people side” of the business. They have difficulty in understanding why they have problem employees, why some of the customers and associates do what they do, and why some people are more successful than others. Most entrepreneurs understand their business, but in focusing so hard on the technical side they can easily lose focus on people. The book is designed to help them create their ideal company with people that support them. As a company grows, much of the stress the owner experiences is teaching others what he did to be successful. The book addresses this in 12 separate areas of business and personal development.

What do I Want the Reader to Take Away from the Book and Use Immediately?

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The book is broken down into three major areas. The first section helps us understand how to treat to threat others the way they want to be treated. This can take stress out of relationships. The second section is the application of this concept in 12 major areas of business: sales, marketing, business strategy, customer service, technology, process improvement – to name a few. The third section of the book is the management and leadership section of the book and it contains specific strategies on how to coach, counsel, discipline, and mentor a person based on behavior style.

The big take away is that The Platinum Rule is easy to learn, understand, and apply. The book provides a roadmap on how people impact the business (positive & negative) in other areas that was not sales related. The book is designed to help business owner take the stress out of relationships: clients, employees, family, customers, and suppliers.

Who is The Target Audience for The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery?

The book was written specifically for business owners who are just starting a business to the more experienced business owners that have companies with less than $50M in revenues. The books have been purchased by companies in a myriad of fields. The one thing they all have in common: is an uncertainty about how to be ultimately effective in dealing with people. We all think we know, but we all need insight to become better.

Reviewer of the Author’s Comments

Book reviewed: The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery

Author: Ron Finklestein, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Scott Michael Zimmerman

Reviewer: Carl Rakich, The Coach Zone, LLC

There are many books that promote the idea of taking greater control over your business and your life by learning to work “on” the business rather than “in” it. However, what makes The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery different is that it identifies 12 major principles necessary for business control and balance with a proven method of recognizing and adapting to the behavior of others in order to achieve success in each of the 12 key areas.

Ron Finklestein’s stated premise is that as a business owner, “Your success is 100% dependent on how well you coach, counsel, motivate, influence and inspire others to take action.” In other, words how effective you are as a leader. By combining the 12 principles of business success that he discovered through personal research and experience as a business coach and consultant, with Dr. Tony Alessandra’s proven method of behavior recognition and adaptability to create and nurture successful, long-term relationships, Ron has provided a practical “blueprint” for small business owners and managers to use to actually lead by orchestrating the smooth operation of their business through others, freeing themselves to manage and grow the business.

The book is clear and concise. The first one-third is dedicated to understanding and using The Platinum Rule (“Do unto others as they would have you do unto them”) in developing successful, tension-free personal relationships. The remainder goes into specific detail on using it to bring about permanent results in each of the 12 key areas of business success. It’s easy to follow, makes sense and includes interesting tips and exercises to practice in implementing each step.

As a business owner myself, I have experienced, first hand, the problems and challenges addressed in this book. Recognizing the problem is one thing. Knowing how to effectively and permanently correct it is another matter. The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery not only accurately identifies those problems, but also provides the reader with a simple, practical and proven approach to permanently correct them, resulting in more control and balance – in business and in life. An excellent book for small business owners, I would also recommend it to anyone interested in bringing about successful outcomes in any area of life through the development of strong personal relationships.