Water: Every Drop Counts
By Admin

March 8, 2010

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On average, Americans use 70 gallons of water, per person, per day in the home. Add another 100 gallons for outdoor activities. I know, what’s the big deal right? Sure, there is water everywhere, but only a small fraction is suitable for consumption. It is for this reason that water conservation and proper disposal is key. It is not just about drinking water. It is about our household needs, recreation, food production and commerce. Also remember whatever goes down a storm drain flows directly, without treatment, into local creeks, streams, rivers and eventually the ocean, causing pollution.

Please consider adopting these following tips into your lifestyle:

  • Use environmentally friendly laundry and kitchen detergents. Review all the products you use that go down your kitchen, laundry and bathroom drains. Look for safer alternatives.
  • Turn the water off while brushing your teeth, washing your face or shaving.
  • Take shorter showers. Use a kitchen timer to help keep track of those minutes. Use low-flow showerheads.
  • Fix leaky toilets and faucets. Purchase low-flow toilets and don’t use it as an ashtray or trash can.
  • Do not flush expired or unused medicine down toilets. Check with your local pharmacy to see if they have a take back program.
  • Fully load your washing machine and dishwasher before running. Purchase water efficient washing machines.
  • Instead of rinsing, scrape your dishes before loading them in the dishwasher. Use your garbage disposal less.
  • Use an automatic shutoff nozzle or manual timer for your garden hose.
  • Use commercial car washes, they use less water and the wastewater is sent to treatment plants rather than storm drains.
  • Invest in a rain barrel. Although not to be used for drinking, use the water to irrigate lawns and flower gardens.
  • Add more vegetarian-based foods to your diet. Did you know animal based diets require 4,200 gallons of water per day, whereas a vegan diet requires 300 gallons?

Each person counts. Please share these tips with everyone and promote water conservation at home, at work, in schools and in your community.




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