It’s ALL about Character
By Admin

December 16, 2014

Your skills/ the skills sought by an employer do matter. They can get you in the door. But in the real world of a decent life and the real world of a productive and stable workforce, the individual’s/ worker’s CHARACTER matters more than all the skills combined. This holds true for the worker and the supervisor. It is a two-way street.

CHARACTER TRAITS (The “Six pillars of character” from Josephson Institute) on which judgments should be made:


Words that further define each of the six pillars include: Conscience, Honor, Reputation, Truth, Commitment, Dependability, Resolves Issues, Your Word, Duty, Consequences, Obligations, Rational Thinker/ Actions.

What does Champion look for in a potential worker’s character?

Have they lived their life mindful of the consequences to others and themselves of their actions?
When they say “Yes”, do they mean it?
Do they act, speak and engage others in a way to be trusted?
Have they shown a desire, through actions, to be of value to others and themselves?

If these fundamental characteristics are not present in the person it is hard to predict their future actions. The “worker” (or supervisor) is a product of their habits. And if their good habits are not ingrained or are their bad habits are in conflict with or in control of their good habits, Champion and our clients want to steer clear of them, regardless of evident skills. They have a reduced chance of success in today’s job market.

Do you want to become more successful than you are today? Study the Character of successful people.