How owners and company managers are using the book: The Great Workplace 2.0
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March 13, 2013

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The response to The Great Workplace 2.0 has been very uplifting for me as the author. The book seems to get passed around quite a bit with one manager underlining appropriate pages for another to digest. Quotes and edited parts of the book are being found on most of the popular business blogs throughout the internet and many “new” articles are being written from its core content. Please, blog authors and professors; use any and all of the principles in the book. It can only benefit your readers.

The most wonderful payback to having written the book is how, where and why it is being used by executives, owners, managers and HR professionals:

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Simply put, executives, managers and Human Resource professionals are using the principles and examples in the book to; Solve hiring issues, increase productivity and increase retention/ decrease turnover. The sustainable outcomes are to increase retention of customers, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Here are just some of the actions that are being taken by these folks:

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The Great Workplace 2.0  “13 Attributes of Remarkable Organizations” is being used as a practical “Litmus Test” for their core business foundations. To many, it solidifies their current path and to many more it has produced quite a few “AH-HAH!” moments.

Re-thinking “Mission” versus Purpose. Purpose endures, Missions are time-constrained and confused with Goals.

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A $50 million, expanding organization ($200 million future) brought me in to talk about the 13 Attributes leading the way to improving their Immersion (Onboarding) program.

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A small, but highly profitable manufacturer and distributor of unique products has seen the enormous “Holes” in their daily operations principles. They are addressing those gaps and are positive it will lead to a more efficient, therefore profitable, organization.

Many have realized that they know the “What” of their business, but their Participants, beyond knowing the short-term goals, do not know the Why of their strategy. Knowing and being able to communicate the Why quickly and effectively is seen as a guiding ethos now for their entire organization.

Many owners had not understood the effectiveness of “Visible, Tangible Leadership” and communicating Values to their organization. Changing their typical topics of communication has made a positive tangible impact on the perceived Culture of the entire organization. The energy levels have popped.

“Culture” is being worked on as a strategic business advantage. It is no longer part of a wish list or viewed as a product of the “Attitude of the day”.
and much more …


These are a few of the positive actions being taken by readers of The Great Workplace 2.0 who have had manuscripts pre-publication. I give them all enormous credit plowing through a PDF on their computers or printing it out and carrying around a bulky bunch of paper held together by a huge clip!

The Great Workplace 2.0 is a must-read work for any experienced or newly-inspired entrepreneur, company manager or human resource professional who wishes to create a Remarkable and enduring organization.

Author Robert Schepens met with over 500 company owners, managers and human resource professionals over several years to discover what really does make a small to medium-sized organization stand out from others and become a magnet to employees, vendors, customers and community.

The Great Workplace 2.0 defines those magnetic qualities in the 13 Characteristics of a Remarkable Organization, which any organization of any size can duplicate. Most popular business books are written about the largest, stock exchange-listed companies that few smaller businesses can even hope to emulate. Each chapter begins with an Executive Summary of the chapter contents, designed to allow quick browsing and easy return for later deep reading.

Robert freely uses analogies between creating a Remarkable organization to the concept of Native American “Tribal Culture”. A very unique and refreshing point of view. Robert and his wife Margaret are active members of the Native American community in North East Ohio. Robert owns a large, half-century old, family founded, highly awarded, recruiting and staffing firm.

Available NOW on in Kindle format and in hard cover. No big bunch of paper to stick in your briefcase! :

Robert Schepens, CPC

CEO Champion Personnel System, Inc

and newly minted Author.