Why you should read The Great Workplace 2.0. (Available now on Amazon)
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March 12, 2013

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Our competitive marketplace is changing rapidly and to some owners and managers, the speed and frequency of change can become confusing, just as quickly.

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Business principles that seemed solid three months ago or even three weeks ago are now mired in uncertainty or are re-rewritten in the spur of the moment as events have hit us. These “events” can be both good news and bad news. Change averts our attention.

This not only hits our personal and business outlook, it impacts the very foundation of Why we are in business and How we conduct our business.

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The Great Workplace 2.0 is about your business foundation and critical components that YOU can influence TODAY that will help guide your entire organization TODAY and in the future.

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I met with over 500 owners and managers of small to medium sized organizations in north east Ohio and discovered what makes many of their organizations “Remarkable” and in many more, not-so-remarkable. Unlike the academic analyses of BIG businesses we typically read about, these are attributes we can duplicate to become Enduring.

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Why should you read The Great Workplace 2.0: It’s not how big you are. It’s how Remarkable? Your competitors, vendors and advisers all are. As a matter of fact, many of them contributed to this work.

Available on Amazon in Kindle and Hardcover:


What is said about the book:

The Great Workplace 2.0 is a must-read work for any experienced or newly-inspired entrepreneur, company manager or human resource professional who wishes to create a Remarkable and enduring organization.

Author Robert Schepens met with over 500 company owners, managers and human resource professionals over several years to discover what really does make a small to medium-sized organization stand out from others and become a magnet to employees, vendors, customers and community.

The Great Workplace 2.0 defines those magnetic qualities in the 13 Attributes of a Remarkable Organization, which any organization of any size can duplicate. Most popular business books are written about the largest, stock exchange-listed companies that few smaller businesses can even hope to emulate. Each chapter begins with an Executive Summary of the chapter contents, designed to allow quick browsing and easy return for later deep reading.

Robert freely uses analogies between creating a Remarkable organization to the concept of Native American “Tribal Culture”. A very unique and refreshing point of view. Robert and his wife Margaret are active members of the Native American community in North East Ohio. Robert owns a large, half-century old, family founded, highly awarded, recruiting and staffing firm, Champion Personnel System, Inc.