“Another Top Workplace” List
By Admin

January 19, 2012

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If you own, operate or work for a medium to small sized company, you have to be sick of the “Top Workplace” lists published by BIG companies about other BIG companies. If you are in HR, those lists and details of their benefits, perqs, excitement and toys SHOULD not only make you jealous, but as a professional, a little angry. You can’t do all that, much less reduce the cost of healthcare to your workforce.

Here’s the new list: http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/best-companies/2012/full_list/

Working in and for the CORE of the small to medium size workplaces in Midwest USA, the list is about as real for the rest of us as Disneyland.

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Here are some facts: There are 23 million companies in the U.S. 4% of those get to $1 million in sales, and typically have fewer than 10 employees. .4% get over $10 million in sales( “POINT 4%). 17,000 companies get to $50 million ins sales (still under 1,000 employees). 2,500 get to OVER $500 Million in sales and 500 get to 1 Billion in sales.

The companies on the published list are all over $1 billion in ASV.

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We can’t compete with 100% paid health, 21 days off to do social work, slides, 60,000 square foot Day Care facilities or $125,000 starting salaries for “entry level” college grads. After all, we have to work for a living and make a profit.

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But here is something ALL smaller companies can do: Create an environment that will be attractive for Solid Talent, Sustainable corporate existence and growth, and simply a “Great Workplace”.

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It is productive, profitable, fun and the “Right Thing To Do”. Best of all, you don’t have to build a $20 Million day care, a two-story slide or spend millions on “The Next Thing” that your employees expect.

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