Business Culture: “Values in Action”
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November 14, 2011 Culture abon land sample
What drives your business? What drives your business to be sustainable (Def: Robust and Lasting) and to weather the normal ups and downs of the market? Or do you find that every issue facing your business and talent is an intrusion?

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As a CEO we seek the ability to “get in front” of our business, to set the direction, to set the pace and to set new goals. To some, this is easy, to others it is a constant chase.

Where is the divide between those who can get in front, and those who are on a constant chase?

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Values. Values that when acted upon by the presence of a solid corporate Purpose driving all participants, create a self-sustaining set of actions that are aligned with customer goals. Values answer the questions: “Why?” and “What should I do now”, and “What is expected of me?”.

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The Great Workplace defines an organization’s Culture as “Values in Action”. If you don’t have a KNOWN, supported, and visible set of values relative to the conduct of business focused on the customer, then the business runs on the value of drama du jour. The CEO and Managers may have firm and true beliefs about how the business should be run, some complicated, some simple. But do the rest of the participants to the success of the organization have those same set of beliefs?

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What are your organization’s Values? Are they focused on the customer? On the Participants (employees, customer, board, vendors, community)? Or are they simply focused on your “Mission”: “To become the best in our business …”?

Do all Participants to your success know and believe in your values?


Participant defined:


In the late ‘60’s I had the honor of performing at Cleveland’s Agora night club, where next-door neighbor and owner Hank LoConti (Uncle Henry) had a sign that said simply:

“There is nothing more frightening than Ignorance In Action”.


A lack of values is not only frightening, it will produce actions that Hank meant to make one think about.


What do you think?