The New Blue Collar Workplace
By Admin

September 14, 2011

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Forget machine oil slicks on the floor. Or, 120 degree temps and gallons of bottled water to cool you down. You might be spending more of your time with a keyboard than with a hammer and wrench.

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The same technical innovations that caused a drop in factory employment over the last two decades are now opening up rewarding and challenging job opportunities for people who paid attention and took notes in high school math, science and computer classes. Factory machines are substantially smarter now than before, more like the computers that run them, and they need smarter more focused men and women to make them work.

The New Blue Collar Workplace: Brains and Brawn. You provide the brains, the machinery provides the brawn.

The payoff:

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First, you will be in demand. Yep, there are jobs looking for YOU. Second, when you join a manufacturing team and have interned (been trained by professionals) long enough to know what you are doing, you will begin to make important industrial products from start to finish. You will be the engine behind turning a concept or idea into something you can touch and feel. You will know where that part or product will be going, what larger product it will be used in, who will be using it and why. You will be able to see how the quality of your efforts makes a difference to a product or to another human being. In many cases you will be making parts that are “Success or failure” critical to the end-user. If the part you make fails, it could cause harm to another person.

And, you won’t be pushing the same button all day long.