Your “Three-Foot Circle” — Contents
By Admin

August 25, 2011

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You live mentally and physically in your three-foot circle. It is your “construct,” your reality, as YOU see it, and it is your lens on the world. That lens translates everything you see, hear and feel into YOUR language, even if those instructions and input have been changed in translation. It is what YOU want to hear and learn, not necessarily what was sent.

What does your three-foot circle contain?

Your values, your knowledge, your fears, your confidences and your prejudices. It contains all the pushes and pulls that make you, well, you.

It also contains one small but powerful nugget that is at your core:

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That nugget is the ability to learn and grow, or the ability to stay static as life moves forward in time. The energy that moves that nugget one way or the other is conscious choice.

Conscious choice is what keeps you at the stage you are today, or moves you forward to become a better version of YOU. for key key
By choosing to learn, grow and be a better version of yourself, you decide to EXPAND your circle, like a rubber band, and include the circle of other people in yours.

From those people (and events, and history, and places) you will accumulate knowledge and VIEWS of things you did not have before.

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If you begin that journey with the thought: “First seek to understand, then to be understood.” It is the person with curiosity, who first grows … and then is sought by others wishing to grow.

“First seek to understand,” needs to be the core of your three-foot circle’s content library.