Social Media: Misused and Underutilized
By Admin

August 18, 2011

It’s not that I don’t care about your taking the kids to the pool, or that you are angry at your boyfriend or girlfriend.

I want to learn something, from you, that will help me grow. In turn, I’ll offer you something that may help you.

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I want you to tell me something I don’t know, that you do know. I want to reach beyond my Three-Foot Circle and become better than I was this morning when I awakened.

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You see, I can’t learn much from CNN, FOX or Channel 19. At least not beyond the 5 minutes at which time they begin to repeat their “reporting”. They don’t think. They mimic. I can get that anywhere.

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And when they have an “expert” on their broadcast, that expert is confined to 3 minutes of “overview”. Nothing of substance. Gotta get the host’s personality in there and some moronic comments, then off to commercial. on essay essay examples work
I want to learn from someone, something that makes me say “Ah-Ha, I didn’t know that”. Or at least something that makes me cock my head and say “Hmmmm”.

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Is it that we are not thinking and formulating discoveries we should share with others? Or is it that we keep our knowledge to ourselves. If so, then what value do we receive from “social networking”? It cannot be that so many people have nothing of substance to share.

It seems that social networking is simply the 1950’s version of a phone “Party Line” (yes I am old enough to have been on those) where stay at home housewives talk about their hair, the wash or the new neighbor down the street.

Misused, potentially great resource, relegated to an online reality show with no real stars?

The value is in sharing what you have really thought about, not in some knee-jerk opinion. The value is in sharing something that will solve problems, boost the economy, create jobs and create a new great idea.  Or how to do something at home. The value is in challenging others to think and grow. And by doing so, growing your own life.

Then again …. Whaddya havin’ for dinner?

Time to fire up that iPad 2 and watch a couple TED videos!!!