Don’t Take Your Job For Granted
By Admin

April 27, 2011

If you have been in any kind of job for more than a year, and you feel yourself “drifting” away from the core of your responsibilities, grab yourself by the short hairs and wake up.

You may be starting to commit job suicide.

Get back into doing the job extremely well, stay on point and cut out all the outside world that is slowly becoming part of your work day. We ALL let our outside lives drift into work. Sometimes until it is too late.

I have recently had the true displeasure of discovering a senior employee’s true job activities and seeing how that allowed the “outside world” to creep into my business to eventually cause that person to fill their day with personal or outside business influences. The result is a separation.

And that is not the only lesson here:

1) If you begin to think that “your life” is more important than your job, and you defend that, you are drifting and are in jeaopardy.

2) If you spend more than 15 minutes per day on social media or looking at your computer monitor (when that is NOT the single most important part of your job) you are drifting, and are in trouble.

3) If you justify being “only 40 hours”, you are probably, and actually giving substantially less than that. Even a dumb boss like me sees it. It is only a Matter Of Time until a replacement is interviewed after hours and engaged with what used to be your job.

4) If you luxuriate in having achieved a predictable day, week and month, you are not doing the hard things. Those are the functions that will make you valuable. Doing only what you can get away with and are comfortable, especially when conditions change, will get you unemployed.

Solution: Re-approach your job as though you just started and are taking over for a person who was let go due to performance issues. You will be AMAZED at what you will find the old lazy SOB before you didn’t do, or didn’t do very well. Look at how to make improvements FOR the company, not for yourself. Come in earlier, stay later, make some noise in end results!

Doing a better job, finding and implementing improvements, will make you happier (accomplishing something always does) and will improve your standing with the boss.

Then again you could retire on the job, and get retired sooner than you hoped.


  1. Juan

    Nice article! Needed to read this today. Thanks.