Creating the Great Workplace: What NOT to Do: Case Study #2, Part 2: The BEATINGS
By Admin

February 9, 2011

#2 Mistake: Beat Up Your “Participants”:

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In The Great Workplace 2.0, a “Participant” is defined as anyone who touches an organization and has an opportunity to help it achieve its Purpose and goals. It includes EMPLOYEES, VENDORS, board of directors, community and Management.

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Keep in mind here: HONEY attracts. Regular beatings, lies and misdirection do nothing to create TRUST. TRUST is a CORE value for The Great Workplace 2.0. It is part of Transparent Integrity. It is at the heart of Collaboration.

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In this case study, the organization has a mammoth turnover rate. At one point it exceeded 90% in 3 months of new hires. It didn’t really matter who was hired to make their product. That person was not good enough, fast enough or motivated enough.

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The fact was (Is): There was no true training (nor onboarding, nor motivation, nor support, nor incentives, nor guidance). New line people are/were given about 30 minutes of training (show and tell) then put on the line’s HARDEST job. The Hardest Job, not one where the new hire could learn. Then inevitably, they were fired for being slow, stupid or unmotivated. Each new hire is subjected to verbal abuse by a line manager. No other line person is allowed to help the newbie (I have seen a new person try to do the job while two experienced guys stood watching her fail). The “Team Leaders” are really glorified parts handlers (I watched one that same evening leave the newbie to fail, while he went to get more parts, that couldn’t be used until the newbie learned the job).

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The abuse all starts when a new person reports to HR. The HR secretary acts like she just ate a sour grape: no smile, negative attitude, physical demeanor that says she is bothered by anyone’s presence, and annoyed that you were there. The HR Manager would rarely leave her desk, and was NEVER seen on the shop floor (amazing how one could know what is going on out there). She speaks “down” to everyone and anyone: She sounds like a kindergarten teacher, except most teachers pull you up to their level, not insult you by speaking as though you don’t understand English.

Great first impression, isn’t it?

Come on back in a few days and we’ll continue the horror story…the worst is yet to come (lies, deception, passing the blame…)