The Book: The Great Workplace 2.0 — What to Expect
By Admin

January 13, 2011

Greetings and thank you for having enough interest in building or rebuilding a great company that you would come here for information.

The Great Workplace presents compiled, filtered, and justified information, research and professional opinions gained from the following sources:

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1)    My experience in Human Resources and Employment that began over 30 years ago. I have been in Recruiting, Human Resource Management and Corporate Management for a long time. I have listened and learned. I have personally or as a manager dealt with over 7,000 companies ranging from one employee to the Fortune 100. I have worked with Boards, been on boards, worked with line managers, owners, corporate managers and every level of employee in those organizations. I have listened to their plans, their successes and their failures. I have devised, implemented and torn down corporate business plans and human resource initiatives.

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2)    I have interviewed over 500 corporate managers, business managers, advisors to businesses and business owners who represent companies from start up to over $10 Billion in annual sales. I have interviewed and exchanged ideas with people who have stared and sold businesses, people who are starting businesses, people who have folded businesses and people who have advised others on all of that. pollution Essay Identity poets
3)    I love to read. In 2009, 2010 and on into 2011, I have read over 250 books on the subjects of business success, management success and the newest ideas on business and management. I have compared those facts and theories to what I see and feel from my real-world sources.

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4)    I am a business owner. I have also launched and closed businesses. I own a very successful “employment service/ recruiting” firm. We literally see it all. We function more like consultants than the normal “write it, fill it” commodity oriented employment agency. Our company is one of the most highly awarded firms of its kind in the country. We have won about all the awards available in North East Ohio. We don’t “just” do placement. We also consult, do safety work, and much more. I was also lucky: My father founded our company in 1964. We both served as executives of our local, state and national professional associations. My father was the most highly awarded individual in our national association. I learned from him.

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5)    Watching what successful and unsuccessful companies do or don’t do. That alone is astonishing. I have seen the methods, the detail, the intent and the lack of any of those qualities. I have been asked for my intimate knowledge, been told my experience and research isn’t as good as the opinions of 25 year old human resource generalists, and been greeted with “Can you keep this confidential?” more often than a divorce attorney.

In sum, what you will get from reading The Great Workplace 2.0 is not what a single company is doing, but what the best companies are doing and trying for today and the future. I have not met with a single company that is doing everything right. The best ones are simply doing more things right than others.

Much of the content is to show what can be done, what changes are being made from the “legacy” of corporations and organizations that are moving forward and to compare the old to the new.

In evaluating the process of discovery that achieved the results presented in TGW 2.0, one characteristic of success from the research held perfectly true in that discovery process; Collaboration. When sources treated my inquiries as collaborative efforts to uncover impactful information, we all learned more than when sources treated discovery efforts as typical “question and answer” interviews. One was open and on mutual terms, the other was like pulling teeth. Without question, their organizations reflected those same attitudes and desire to learn and share.

“Connect, Engage, Collaborate™” is more than a simple trademarked phrase that accompanies the book.  It is a successful operating philosophy in this century.

With Great Respect.