The Secret Advantage of Job-Hopping
By Admin

January 3, 2011

It is very easy in 2011 to justify anything. Especially if one tags those reasons to “personal freedom” or “individual rights”. These monikers put the virtual fence around those justifications and deflect about 90% of all attacks.

“Job hopping” used to be 3 or 4 jobs in a 20 year period, and “permanent” jobs at that. Today, younger, career-hip folks view job-hopping as a form of career-development and justify doing so as a way of “broadening” their industry or market base. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

This millennium,  job-hopping is; “Career and Organization Attention Deficit Disorder”, by any other name.

But here is the real twist: As many people know, SUSTAINED great job performance is much more difficult than simply looking good for a brief period of time. It is the definition of a true winner.

In the sustained career effort, the “glow” of being new and novel wears off. Results in job performance beg clinical, white-light proof of actual intent, not just “new guy luck” or picking of the “low hanging”.

In other words, job-hopping is simply a novel and now socially justified way of avoiding real and sustained performance. That is the secret. Avoid the need for the tough stuff. If ya can’t beat the video game, try another.

Let’s face it; most men understand the obvious analogy. It fits in careers too. But in Careers there is no reason to call a Doctor if sustained results exceed four hours.