Going on Vacation? Business Goes On!
By Admin

December 22, 2010

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We all like to have a day off or a long four day weekend once in awhile to recharge the internal batteries or to get together with friends and family.  The number of vacation days we have at our disposal is usually negotiated during the hiring process.  You were probably pleasantly surprised when you were hired that your company closes for Grandparent’s Day, Canada’s Boxing Day, and Arbor Day.

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When planning a vacation or when your company closes for a holiday outside the traditional BIG 6 (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) it is important to take into account how your absence will affect the ongoing operations of your customer or client base.

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So many times people will plan that vacation to the Bahamas at the least convenient time for the company they work for and for a large part of their clients.  One’s job is vital in creating a paycheck that is used to pay for these vacations.

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When I worked in public accounting, it was a given that no one took vacation from January 1st through April 15th.  This is any public accounting firm’s busiest season.  Most companies have a “busy” season.  Companies need to identify what those seasons are and set guidelines for their employees.  Even going as far as letting someone know in the interview process that during the month of May, vacations or days off will only be approved if there was a death in the family.

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Recently, I was dealing with a vendor of vital importance.  My first contact with them was back in October to discuss our company’s state of business.  What I come to find out is that my contact was on a two week honeymoon after getting married.  Well I had to wait until their return.  Then upon their return, that person was so busy that emails and phone-calls were not returned promptly.  We finally met seven weeks later after my initial contact.  Come to find out that the other person involved on our account is on maternity leave until February.  So we will have had to wait over three and half months to get a final decision.  Thank goodness the urgency of our situation subsided.  We were merely being proactive anyway – which is a thought for another article.

Your clients’ business goes on!  Their customers cannot accept the answer that they must wait a week or so because one of their vendors is on vacation.

So in planning, cross-train and have someone available who can handle your book of business and if there is situation that needs immediate attention you would have enough confidence in to make a good decision while you are soaking up the rays in Cancun.