Workers Compensation Interstate Jurisdiction
By Admin

December 9, 2010

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Ohio Senate Bill 334, passed in late 2008, allows Ohio businesses operating in other states to reduce the payroll they report to Ohio BWC. Employers must be carrying workers’ compensation coverage in the other state(s) in order to receive the benefits of SB 334. This will allow employers to report payroll for labor and services being performed only in Ohio.

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An additional provision to SB 334 prevents injured employees from receiving workers’ compensation benefits on claims filed in multiple states for the same injury or occupational disease. Injured employees are required to now select a specific state to file a claim and receive workers’ compensation benefits.

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In order for employers to take advantage of SB 334 you must complete a “Notice of Election to Obtain Coverage from Other States for Employees Working Outside of Ohio (U-131)”. As an employer submitting this form will certify that you have:

1. obtained coverage from another state and

2. will segregate payroll for work done in that state.

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For further information or assistance with other state workers’ comp coverage, please contact your own TPA or feel free to contact a Matrix Account Executive at 877.550.7973.




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