When to Say NO!
By Admin

December 6, 2010

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OSHA just posted the consequences which were handed to a Nebraska company, Next Step Burwell LLC for “failing to inform subcontracted employees…”

Electrocution occurred after a “temp” was asked to check a cable tray.

It does not say whether or not this was a fatality but what difference does that make? They didn’t train a contract employee on procedures.

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Not training an interim employee?  Some, not many employers think…why bother, they’re not our employee. So they don’t train! Heck they haven’t a clue what “on-boarding” is.  They have no idea how to bring a new employee into their environment so all can succeed – the new employee and the company.

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Instead, it’s baptism by fire! Point the way! “Watch them and do what they do!”  No overview of the company and their focus. No training. And no orientation on their procedures. Nada!

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Most employees assume the employer (even if it is a hopeful employer as seen from the eyes of an interim employee) has a safe workplace. They assume employers maintain a safe working environment including equipment. And more importantly that nothing bad will ever happen to them!

If that were only true!

Is that job worth risking your life? Is money that important to you?

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If you feel that you aren’t properly trained and prepared to accomplish a requested task safely then speak up! Say you’d like some training. Say you’re not experienced and would like a trainer near-by. But for heavens sake, don’t just do it!

And never assume everything is safe and sound just because it should be! Look around. Is it really safe? And if you feel there are hazardous risks present speak up. Don’t just do it!

Use your head. Know when to say “no”.