185 Names From Wounded Knee Massacre, 1890
By Admin

December 2, 2010

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In 1890 at Wounded Knee Creek on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Home of the Oglala Lakota Nation, more then 350 WOMEN, CHILDREN and typically older or infirm men were massacred by US Troops. MASSACRED, MURDERED. They had no defense. These are some of the names:

1. Chief Big Foot
2. Mrs. Big Foot
3. Horned Cloud
4. Mrs. Horned Cloud
5. William Horned Cloud, son
6. Sherman Horned Cloud, son
7. Pretty Enemy, niece
8. Mrs. Beard, daughter-in-law
9. Thomas Beard, grandson
10. Shedding Bear
11. Trouble In Front, son
12. Last Running
13. Red White Cow, daughter
14. Mother-in-law of Shedding Bear
15. High Hawk
16. Mrs. High Hawk
17. Little Boy, son
18. Little Girl, daughter
19. Whirl Wind Hawk
20. Mrs. Whirl Wind Hawk
21. Young Lady, daughter
22. Young Girl, daughter
23. Little Girl, daughter
24. Little Boy, son
25. Little Boy, son
26. He Crow
27. Pretty Woman, daughter
28. Buckskin Breech Clout
29. Running in Lodge, son
30. White Feather, son
31. Little Boy, son
32. Bear Woman, the oldest woman in the band
33. Crazy Bear
34. Elk Creek
35. Mrs. Elk Creek
36. Spotted Chief, son
37. Red Fish
38. Mrs. Red Fish
39. Old Good Bear
40. Young Good Bear
41. Mrs. Good Bear
42. Little Boy, son
43. Pretty Hawk
44. Mrs. Pretty Hawk
45. Baby Pretty Hawk
46. Mrs. Lap
47. Shoots the Right
48. Bad Wound, son
49. Bear Parts Body
50. Little Boy, son
51. Brown Beaver
52. White Beaver Woman
53. Black Coyote (the one who made the touble)
54. Red Water Woman
55. Sun In The Pupil
56. Mrs. Sun In The Pupil
57. Henry Three, or Pretty Bold Eagle
58. Iron Eyes (Big Foot’s brother)
59. Mrs. Iron Eyes
60. Has a Dog
61. Red Shirt Girl
62. Pretty Woman
63. Albert Iron Eyes
64. White Day
65. Little Boy, son
66. Charge at Them
67. Old Woman, mother
68. Mrs. Iron American
69. Mrs. Yellow Buffalo Calf
70. Louis Close to Home
71. Cast Away and Run
72. Bad Braves
73. Red Horn
74. Winter
75. Strong Fox
76. Mrs. Strong Fox
77. Little Boy, son
78. One Feather
79. Little Boy, son
80. Without Robe
81. Old Man Yellow Bull
82. Mrs. Old Man Yellow Bull
83. Brown Woman
84. Shakes the Bird
85. Red Ears Horse
86. Shoots with Hawk Feather
87. His mother
88. Ghost Horse
89. Little Boy, son
90. Chief Woman
91. Mrs. Trouble in Love
92. Hat
93. Baby boy
94. Mrs. Stone Hammer
95. Little baby
96. Wolf Eagle
97. Good Boy, son
98. Edward Wolf Ears
99. Little Girl
100. Shoots the Bear
101. Kills Assiniboine
102. George Shoots the Bear
103. Mrs. Shoots the Bear
104. Kills Crow Indian
105. Little Body Bear
106. Mrs. Little Body Bear
107. Little Boy, son
108. Baby girl
109. Red Eagle (This man was in the tent and killed by the cannon. Ricker’s note.)
110. Eagle Body, daughter
111. Little Girl
112. Little Elk
113. Mrs. Little Elk
114. Black Shield’s little girl
115. White Wolf
116. Red Ears Horse, sister
117. Old Woman, her mother
118. Wood Shade
119. Mrs. Wood Shade
120. Running Stand Hairs
121. Mrs. Running Stand Hairs
122. Young lady, daughter
123. Scabbard Knife
124. Mrs. Scabbard Knife
125. He Eagle
126. Mrs. He Eagle
127. Edward He Eagle, son
128. Young girl, daughter
129. Young boy, son
130. Log
131. Mrs. Log
132. Really Woman, son
133. Brown Hoops
134. Little boy, son
135. Young girl, daughter
136. Mule’s daughter, young lady
137. Red Other Woman
138. Black Flutes, young boy
139. Takes away the Bow
140. Gray in Eye
141. Mrs. Drops Blood
142. Young boy, son
143. Little boy, son
144. Old Woman
145. Mrs. Long Bull
146. Young girl, daughter
147. Spotted Thunder
148. Swift Bird
149. Mrs. Swift Bird
150. Boy, son
151. Boy, son
152. Strike Scatter
153. Boy, son
154. Wolf Skin Necklace
155. Last Talking, old woman. She is alone, her property, two horses, bedding, and lodge
156. Not go in Among, son of Hailing Bear, and Her Good Medicine
157. Wounded Hand
158. Comes Out Rattling, wife
159. Big Voice Thunder
160. Mercy to Others
161. Long Medicine
162. Broken Arrow
163. Mrs. Broken Arrow
164. Young Man
165. Young Woman
166. Brown Turtle
167. Old Woman, mother
168. Bird Wings
169. Not Afraid of Lodge
170. Bear Comes and Lies
171. Wears Calf’s Robe
172. Yellow Robe
173. Wounded in Winter, son
174. Mrs. Black Hair
175. Bad Spotted Eagle – a Cree Indian
176. Mrs. Bad Spotted Eagle (the above were visiting Big Foot’s tribe)
177. White American
178. Long Bull
179. Courage Bear
180. Mrs. Courage Bear
181. Fat Courage Bear
182. George Courage Bear
183. Black Hawk
184. She Bear, wife
185. Weasel Bear, daughter



  1. Thomas Young

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    Thank you for listing the names that were murdered here on 12-29-1890.
    I would like to know and ask you about the man called He Crow, his picture? His Family? Was He Crow related to Big Foot? Any information on Ghost Horse, picture and was he related to He Crow or Big Foot?
    I thank you for the work that you have done here and I thank you in advance for any help you can share with me on the questions that are above. I know we are getting close to the date of December 29, 1890 and I want to pay tribute to all that have fallen.
    I have a Facebook Group page titled as: Remember Wounded Knee. If you want to share anything from your page, or join this group we would welcome you.
    Thank you very much,
    Thomas B. Young

  2. Robert Schepens (Whiteowl): I do not have any info about He Crow, however, my Ina (Hunka Rez Mom) might. She moved from Pine Ridge to Cleveland 2 years ago, and I will be seeing her next week. I will re-post here with anything I find out. I know that Ina

    Please see my re-post

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  5. Meg2833

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    I copied the names from the Wounded Knee Cemetery Monument dedicated to Native American Chiefs (I think) who died in the massacre at Wounded Knee. Below are the names that I could not find in your list. Beside their name is the number listed on the monument. What can you tell me about these names / people? Thank you to whom ever responds. I appreciate the information.

    8. Living Bear
    9. Afraid of Bear
    10. Young Afraid of Bear

    17. Scatters Them

    21. Little Water
    25. Picked Horses
    26. Bear Cuts Body
    27. Chase In Winter
    28. Tooth Its Hole
    31. No Ears

    33. Lodge skin Knopkin

    36. Bird Shakes
    37. Big Skirt
    38. Brown Turtle
    39. Blue American
    40. Pass Water In Horn
    43. Kills Seneca

    • S

      Hi Meg,

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      The monument at the cemetery at the Wounded Knee Massacre site was erected and paid for by Joseph Horn Cloud in 1903, 13 years after the Massacre. Horn Cloud was a survivor of the Massacre and had lost several members of his immediate family that day. The monument stands in front of the mass grave that contains 146 bodies of Lakotas killed that day. Many more people where taken from the field by family members before the grave was dug and were buried elsewhere. Some people crawled away and died elsewhere. When Horn Cloud erected the monument, he worked to put together a list of 146 people he knew had been slaughtered (not all, or even mostly Chiefs-Big Foot was the only one I’m aware of) , but this list doesn’t necessarily correspond to the people buried there. There is likely some overlap. Later, Horn Cloud worked to expand his identifications of people, and created the list of 185 names you see here. The exact number of unidentified victims is still uncertain, but the likely totals of victims range from around 200 to 350. For more information, please go to the website of the Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies, CAIRNS, and look at the current Takuwe Exhibit, all about the Wounded Knee Massacre.

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  7. Claire Chambers

    I’m looking for information on an old woman who, I have heard, was killed in the massacre. She was Oglalla, not Lakota, but had come with Crazy Horse to dance the Ghost Dance with the cousins. She would have been one of the women listed above as “old woman”. Her husband had long since been dead, but Crazy Horse, kept her in meet. Crazy Horse was a Great Chief, always taking care of the widows or those who had no sons. Her name in English was Singing Bird. If I understand correctly her name in Sioux would have been Wateekatanah – sa. Anyone with information on her, I ask to contact me: claire.chambers@hotmail.com

    • Anonymous

      Hello Claire, the Oglala are Lakota. There are different bands of the Lakota, Oglala being one of them. Re: Crazy Horse, the ghost dance started long after his death.