Why Intelligently Profitable Companies Choose Champion
By Admin

November 29, 2010

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There are four main reasons that companies choose to use Champion’s Flexible Staffing Service. With all the options to fit any hiring need, our client companies are using our service to maximize good business strategies and to focus on “being “Intelligently Profitable” and for their own “Intelligent Self Interest”. In a nut shell, our clients see the value in outsourcing some or all of their hiring needs for itself and it’s current employees as they develop their workforce. Here are the four reasons your company should consider working with us too.

  1. Strategy–A company can spend money on our service rather than taking the risk itself on such things as Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment. The company can spend it’s money on our service for short periods of time rather than hiring someone on to their payroll when they have limited amounts of work to be done. The company may not be sure that their own economic recovery is solid enough to have a full blown hiring campaign, or they may not be sure if they want to invest in benefits and other expenses associated with bringing on new hires. Lastly, a company may not have the networks or know where to go to get highly skilled or executive level employees. Ultimately we offer options and resources that our clients wouldn’t otherwise have.
  2. Time–It is no secret that Human Resources Professionals are bogged down with all the work associated with their department these days–no matter how big or small the company. It’s a good problem to have because it means that business is picking up. The downside is that hiring is NOT the only job HR pros are charged with. There just are not enough hours in a day for HR execs to create effective ads, look through 50-100 resumes that came in via email in response to an online opening, interview 5 people each day to locate the best candidate and coordinate responses to all applicants. Companies choose our service to save time and money (remember, every man hour and advertising can be very expensive!) even if they do their own hiring.
  3. Expertise–When you want something done right you go to an expert. You don’t want to work with a company that is guessing or using you as a guinea pig. There are a lot of self-proclaimed “EXPERTS” out there. So why do our clients choose us? We know the numbers, how to create effective advertising to attract the right candidates and how to work with the changing hiring trends in our local communities. It’s our business to keep a pulse on those things–so we do. Champion has served over 7,000 client companies since 1964. We only serve Northeast Ohio and we make it a point to stay on top of what is going on in the national economy, but more importantly what is happening in your own backyard. We have four local offices that work as a team. We have a safety director on staff to guide our clients…at no additional charge. Day in and day out, we are hiring and studying what the most current, effective hiring practices are HERE. It’s all we do. Our CEO spent over 3,000 hours reading books, studying white papers and interviewing over 300 local entrepreneurs to find out what those practices are. He has personally spent over 30 years working in Human Resources himself. Champion’s CEO doesn’t keep what he has learned through the years a secret either…he has spent countless hours educating our staff in what is going to “work”. Our expert staff has learned through that training and over 200 years of combined experience how to perfect our system to get the best results for our clients. Let’s face it, hiring has changed and people have changed and experience is what you want working for you as you are trying to positively impact your workforce productivity.  Our clients know, that we know, what they need to know…and how to put it all together RIGHT.
  4. Trust–No company stays in business  for nearly 48 years if their clients don’t trust them. Our clients know that we put their needs first and we tailor our service with honesty, integrity and a straightforward tell-it-like-it-is approach. They know they can count on us to deliver the best candidates available as well as the consultative/educational information that they can put in to action in their companies. They know we will alleviate their headaches and give them the solutions they seek to implement the best practices for hiring, safety and workforce development in their workplace…with their best interest at heart. They know they can trust our advice and have seen the results and benefits of collaborating with a Champion.

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Champion Personnel System’s team has dedicated itself to leading the way as we all work out of this last recession. It will be more important than ever to make decisions that are motivated with “Intelligent Self Interest” and operate our companies by being “Intelligently Profitable”. It doesn’t make sense for us here at Champion to sit quietly and run the risk of being lumped into the mix with all those other services out there when we have so much to offer. It really makes no sense to sit quietly and not get the details about what outsourcing your hiring needs might do for your company.

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We aren’t about high pressure sales here at Champion. We are about offering solutions to companies who want to collaboratively and positively achieve their workforce productivity goals and increase their profitability. We only want to work with those companies who truly want to do it the right way…so if you want to know more details and you are done with the old, cold, non-effective ways of the past…no need to put it off or struggle another day. We are here and ready to help you create the NEXT GREAT WORKPLACE!




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