Facebook Postings About Your Boss or Job
By Admin

November 11, 2010

WOW! The news is deep in opinions about “rights” and propriety and there are as many opinions on this as there are Facebook posts.

After 30+ years in recruiting, search and HR is here my professional opinion:

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Don’t be negative about your work, boss, or co-workers in Social Media. It isn’t about your “rights” or personal indignation. It is about using your brain.

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There are a ton of things that are done to you, to others on a daily basis that are NOT right. But when they are done, that does it. They are impossible to erase.

Do your complaining about where you work and your boss privately, have some class, even if they don’t.

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It isn’t about right or wrong, it is about your reputation. About how others will judge you. If you complain openly about your place of employment or people you work with, no one wants to take the risk of hiring you and having you do the same foolish thing to them. And…the OTHER people you work with may avoid you like an MS blue screen.

Simple: Don’t do it. Use your brain.