Email Addresses when Job Hunting
By Admin

November 9, 2010

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In your personal life, one can do and be whatever one wants. When you are job hunting, one thing you need to remember: don’t mix your personal life with your job/ career/ business life.

Your email address can say a lot about you, and like it or not, it may be one reason you are still unemployed.

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Examples:, may in fact describe you, but the VAST majority of HR people will get a negative impression about what you are all about. Same with:,, and many many more email addresses that we can’t list here.

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Use your brain. Among your friends these silly addresses may get you points and convey your attitude. Among business people, they are a severe turnoff. And your goal in applying to jobs is to get a job, isn’t it?

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Don’t think, “Any company that doesn’t like my email address isn’t worth working for”. You will never know how good that company would have been to you if you had used a vanilla email address like:

Don’t let the recipient have a reason to hit the “delete” key …  until after the interview.

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Just change your address. Use a new gmail account. Most ISP’s will let you have multiple addresses. Keep your fluffy one if you want, but don’t use it for job hunting, please.

By the way, I get over 1,000 applications per week.

Robert Schepens