The Babies on the Bus Go…
By Admin

October 21, 2010

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“That’s not my job. Why me?.” “I have more than enough work to do I can’t to that as well!” “How come I’m expected to do it when he’s doing nothing?”

How many times have we witnessed this attitude?

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We’re used to seeing, witnessing and quite possibly personally experiencing this. But what happens when we willingly jump in for the sake of the team either as a participant or an observer?

The whole dynamic of the company changes doesn’t it?  Just because one person went above and beyond “their job”others followed suit.

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Take today for instance.  In our normal morning meeting where everyone shares what’s “shakin” at their desk, one employee took it upon themselves to jump in with helpful suggestions “from another lifetime” to help a coworker who was reporting a challenge.  These meetings are not brainstorming meetings but the brave one turned the meeting around by becoming a team player that went beyond her job expectations.

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What did her action create?  A change in culture.  When we witnessed her helpfulness others chimed in.  More and more joined the team. But more importantly, management knew what to do.

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They recognized team attitude and commended it.  Everyone loves accolades. When we saw her being recognized we wanted a piece of that too.  Now, if I were a betting person, I’d bet that we’ll see more and more people going above and beyond for the sake of the team.

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Personally I’m tired of the “whahn, whahn, whahn” babies and prefer working with those who respect the team of us instead of that me and me alone attitude.  Good for management.  This is exactly how one changes culture.  As the saying goes, “you catch more bees with honey than you do salt!”


  1. A job description is a list of the minimum duties required to retain the position.

  2. Minimum duties indeed. Outside from being used grammatically in describing ones negative view of a materialistic world – I wonder – could one call themself a “minimalist in action ” and feel good about it?

  3. Pamela Glowski

    This is a fantastic article Barbara and I have to say, it’s just amazing to be a part of such an awesome team here. In these times, it seems that there is an entitlement mentality. We would know because all we do is hiring..all day, everyday. Well, guess what, when one accepts a job…it’s time to PROVE why the choice in adding you to the team was the right one. It’s time to show the community what you bring to the table to help the company grow. If one thinks that by accepting a job, it means that the company owes YOU…oh, poor misguided soul…think again!