AFL-CIO Targets Those Under 35
By Admin

October 8, 2010

AFL-CIO announces their new chosen victim  …  Millennials!

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Art Levine explained in his
blog that our Millennials (those under the age of 35) have little hope in these economic times with jobs being so scarce. He said that this generation doesn’t earn enough to pay their own bills let alone live on their own. Many of these folks reside with their parents to make ends meet.

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And the solution of course is: The Free Choice Act.  Join the act now. Bring back unions strength. They’ll set you free!  They promise you health care. They promise you sick leave. They promise you paid vacations. They promise you pensions. All you have to do is join their movement now for you NEED unions in your life – pay their dues and they’ll work for you! And they want you – Millennials – badly!

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As Richard Trumka (incoming hopeful AFL-CIO president) declared in a speech Monday at the Center for American Progress (via Working In These Times blog):

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“The challenge facing unions isn’t just to change the way labor laws work; it’s to change the way we work. It’s to reconfigure ourselves to respond to the needs of a new generation of working Americans…

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We all hear a lot about unions coming back into the AFL-CIO — and that’s a personal priority of mine – but, ultimately, it won’t matter how many unions are in the AFL-CIO if we fail to capture the imagination of Millennials.”

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If I understand our Millennials correctly (and I am the parent of four plus surrogate parent of all of their friends allowing me the right to say I know them) they are a very savvy and intelligent generation.  I look to them to lead us well in our future and have tremendous hope in them as a generation. I suspect they will see quite clearly this manipulative, emotional ploy using false hope as the lure.

I suspect they will realize union’s financial base is diminishing because of the retiring boomers. I suspect they will realize that the union’s promise of vacations, health care, paid leaves and pensions are meaningless. I suspect they will realize what unions aren’t promising them are what they need most – JOBS!


  1. There are people who create the jobs and people who do the jobs. The unions, the government, etc… are just the kibbitzers, the people on the sidelines telling us how to work and demanding their cut.

  2. Kibbitzers demanding their cut! I like that David. I like that alot!

  3. Damn, that time machine took us all the way back to 1881. How cool.

  4. The pitch is taking me back to the days of TIME SHARE PRESENTATIONS…I hope the Millenials will do their research and see what the cost really has been, especially for those Gen X’ers like me who have gone through these tough economic times. We listened to our fathers who were all into the unions and had all the GREAT benefits. With the collapse of many of the past “GREAT WORKPLACES” and the effects on employability of my generation…I hope the millenials will choose their directions wisely.