Today’s Communications: Skipping Rocks
By Admin

September 30, 2010

I remember those summer days with my Grandparents in Minnesota. Drive to Prior Lake (there were so many!), fish, boat, and swim … AND…skip rocks. ela Edgar argumentative
How far could I get them to go? How many time times could I get them to skip? It seemed like the next great skip number could never be reached! But what wonderful fun, and how quickly my arm got sore from the never-ending angles I tried to get the rock to skip just so.

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Today, skipping rocks is what we seem to do in emails and text messages. Especially in business communications. We never seem to have time, nor the desire, nor the courtesy to actually communicate, in depth.

And we rarely seem to have time to talk. A lost art I suppose.

Letters? Not a chance. Too time consuming and too litigious. Too many smart lawyers to interpret your meanings.

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Phone calls? Nope. Just want to make a statement, not exchange information, or ideas, or emotions, or thoughts. I simply want to TELL you something. I’m too busy to REALLY tell you something, so I’ll text ya, or email ya. One sentence, maybe two. Lots of abbreviations.

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I want to skip a rock at you. Touch briefly 5 or 6 times. Never sink into an in depth conversation. Never to make a commitment, nor take a stand other than yes, no or maybe. I simply don’t want to have to get too close, or have to really defend what is on my mind.

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Who would ever have thought that a kid’s game of skipping rocks would be elevated to how the human race communicates? Here’s the funny thing: kids don’t even skip rocks on the water anymore. They do it on their Wii. Next year I hear it will come out in 3-D, and look like the real thing! Then in 2019 I am told we will have a device that allows you to actually talk to someone, without being right next to that person! The code names sounds like “Don Amece” I am told.

Who wants to go to the lake?