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September 21, 2010

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Her eyes opened with the sound of the crickets. She loved their song. The clock said 4:40. “No point in sleeping any longer, five will be here in no time may as well just get up and go for a walk!” she thought.

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It was a clear brisk morning. The sky was a glorious black. Not a cloud to be found anywhere. Only the twinkling stars and a few house lights lit the street. She liked living in a place where you could almost see the sky from horizon to horizon.

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Always choosing to walk off the beaten path she wove her way onto the back streets where the walking is unobstructed by side streets and traffic. Her secret jaunt usually takes less than an hour and is a little over three miles. It is a very good walk.

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This was a residential section of the town few people knew about. The houses are set deeply back from the street with wide front yards filled with trees, shrubs and flowers who even this late in the season shared their scents. The back yards are so deep one can’t see where they end. Some houses had porches others had none but every house was different. Just a few scattered houses had already begun their day while others waited in darkness until their family rose.

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“Such a beautiful street” she thought, “Just beautiful.” Then in silence and without any warning out they came between two fir trees. Two big brown eyed fawns less than a foot away were standing on the sidewalk directly in front of her looking directly into her eyes.  Gasping silently to herself then holding her breath she stood still. “Where’s their mother?” she thought, “This could be very dangerous.”

She stepped out a moment later four feet behind the fawns also looking directly into the woman’s eyes.

The fawns took several steps closer towards the woman. The woman remained still.  Each of the fawns curiously nuzzled her hair and then neck as if they were trying to discover and understand this new smell. She remained motionless never taking her eyes of the mother.  One of the fawns took a “taste” and licked her cheek. Another tried to nibble her hair. The woman struggled with her desire to reach out and touch  these beautiful little ones but she remained still – never taking her eyes off the Doe.

The little ones stood close to the woman, relaxing as if this new creature was their friend and now they were three with Mom instead of two. She felt blessed and honored to be accepted and included into their family. But she knew this was not right. For the sake of the children this was not right!

Never taking her eyes off of the Doe, she ever so slowly raised her arms up over her head. Cupping each of her hands into the claw of the Grizzly and with her feet spread apart she ROARED scattering the fawns back into the darkness of the trees.  The Doe remained still.

The woman nodded to the Doe. The Doe stared back and very slowly turned and walked toward her twin fawns.

With tears streaming down her cheeks the woman stepped forward to continue on her walk.  She looked behind toward the trees and once again, eye to eye, mother to mother, the Doe  too looked back as she followed her twin fawns.


  1. WOW. Great story. Thank you for sharing a wonderful personal moment.