The Buck Starts and Stops with the Face of the Mirror — Employee Morale
By Admin

August 31, 2010

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My daughter works in the hospitality sector. They, like the rest of us, have also been hit hard economically. Listening daily to her thoughts and feelings about work is the impetus to this post. I realized that her industry could only be a reflection of all of our businesses as we lead them through these turbulent times. But hasn’t these lasts twenty months been quite the roller coaster ride? Who would have thought, right?

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Business just moving along, then it slowed by half, and then came a halting crash to a dead stop hovering over just bare minimum. And then the trickle came. What did you do? You pushed, you prodded, and you may have acted out a little from the stress and worry of saving your business and your employees. After all it is your responsibility is it not?  So you push for more sales. You demanded, “Where are the new businesses accounts, Sales?”  As you pushed your sales department you took a bird’s eye view of the landscape and realized you can’t have all the overhead.  People have got to go to remain solvent. You had no choice but to down size and work with the strongest of your team. So together, with your pushing and prodding you all rode out the storm. And yes, there was light at the end of the tunnel but can you be sure it’s secure?  Not really, we’ll have to make do with what we have. And so we wait.

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You may have restructured, redefined and initiated a total remake of your business after all only the strong know how to deal with adversity. Change begets change and if we remain the same we will perish. So you created, developed and implemented.

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But have you taken a look recently at your staff, your team, those that rode the storm out with you?  Have you noticed their efforts to reach the new heights laid before them? As they moved forward have you taken the time to acknowledge at least their attempts to reach higher? It’s a new landscape for them as well. Not everyone rolls well with change. Some run away, others may take a little longer than most but I can assure you, those that remained, those that were considered your stronger team members are doing the best that they can. It may not be as quickly as you want, but they are indeed making the reach.

In your fear and frustration have you taken the time to recognize their efforts?

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Stress can be a paralyzing state of being. These last twenty months have been devastating. You’ve seen business after business fold. You’ve heard the stories. Yes, you’ve survived. But how have you taken care of yourself? How have you managed this overbearing level of stress combined with fear, anxiety and worry? If you haven’t taken care of yourself there is a good probability that you haven’t really been yourself all these months. You may have overreacted to your team, your family and your community. How could you not? You’ve been walking on glass hoping it doesn’t crack and cave in on you all this time.

But maybe it’s time to look in the mirror.  Take a deep breath. You are here because of your team. You all did it together. You did a good job and they are doing a good job. Take the time to recognize your accomplishments then take the time to rebuild your company’s morale. They have worked hard for you. A simple thank you will do.