Reacting to Economic “News”
By Admin

August 30, 2010

It is pitiful that a country as strong as the USA allows itself to react negatively to news about our economy that in turn makes the recovery even more difficult.

Whatever happened “No I’m not going to let someone else dictate what I do”?

We seem to be stuck in a mode that says we need to go along with whatever news we get.

New Orleans didn’t. They are the comeback region of the century. Their people said “No, we’re not finished” and despite all odds, they have come back, even through the oil drenching (It ain’t a “spill”).

So what does Wall Street do? So-So econ news comes and the Street sells off (to make a profit) and to (buy again when the price gets very low) and marches off into “protect” mode.

The “Media” encourages all this (there is no other bad news to attract viewers) so they (real pros that they are!) start talking about the double dip recession. There wouldn’t be one if the media starting talking about positives.

Good lord people! Get some logic, get some cajones! Reacting negatively to this or taking advantage of it (Wall Street) is simply stupid, and criminal.

Are we going to wait until some media outlet says “It’s Okay Now” to start having business as usual?

Lemmings, all.

“Hope” is one thing, but action and the beginning of positive talk starts it all.

Go hire someone!