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August 23, 2010

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So… these last couple of years have been pretty rough. Cost of living goes up every year but there have been very few raises and most of the overtime has been cut. We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel though. Companies are starting to hire again and some are even in need of their employees to work overtime. This is awesome!!

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Hopefully you have survived the cuts and are still working. If so… how’s your work ethic?? Some employees adapted the “lazy” attitude. There wasn’t always a lot to do so they pretended to have work. Now they are so accustomed to that function that they don’t remember how to handle the work load they used to have when times were busier. Doing your work slowly to make it look like you’re busy isn’t going to cut it.  Some people have perfected this. Just because you make it “look like” you are doing something, doesn’t mean it’s going unnoticed. Employers are able to notice this type of behavior much easier now. You actually need to work.  This isn’t something new.

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We all need to break away during the day. Make sure it is for something productive. If your company is using social media… this break time is a great opportunity to look up interesting articles to post. If you are a blogger, this is a great time to try to be creative. Don’t waste the time you have playing games. Don’t get into that habit. You won’t like the end result.

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Be productive. I always have a hard time leaving assignments or duties unfinished at the end of the day. I also like to keep a clean orderly desk.  A messy desk doesn’t always mean a lot of work…it just means there’s a mess. Keep up the pace that you always had and you will be noticed. If you have a slower day or time of the day…offer to help your fellow employees if they are in need. Your employer will feel good about you being a part of the team. In turn you will feel great because you are accomplishing goals. Win, win.

How do you feel at the end of the day??


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    So true… but I want to relay a story: On a temp assignment, the IT department uploaded something buggy and had to reformat all the department’s laptops. While mine was out, a huge meeting of executives from all over the country was happening in our offices. Because I can’t sit still and do nothing, I offered to file things for people, copy things, get coffee, transport files from one location to the next, help get lunch and lay it out… And an out of town big wig said to the in-town guy… well hey – it doesn’t look like she’s got anything to do – get rid of her. And I was gone.

    Sometimes no good deed goes unpunished

    • That was a “Wicked” comment Susie! But keep in mind, there is always karma. What goes around comes around and they – in their infinite wisdom of nothing more than assumptions – will get theirs in due time if not already. I hope you weren’t a young thing when this happened. It would have been awful if you took this experience as a life lesson. For if there was a lesson to be learned it was never to assume the actions of another! Ego and arrogance… they should have been considered two more additions to the deadly seven!