4 or 12 Inches from Your Nose — You Can be a Genius
By Admin

August 11, 2010

Perhaps it only used to be that people wanted to learn. Now it just seems that all people really want to do is be entertained.

Have we really become the characters in sci-fi novels and movies of the past that had all humans turned into driveling, drooling self-serving jelly-mounds?

Seems like it.

In your hand you have an instrument you can use to call people (I know, old concept: talk to people), text message people, take photos, take videos, find GPS directions to the party, play games, play more games, send email, get email, find your friends, find other people’s friends, find the instrument if you lose it, post to FB or other sites, play music, watch movies,  find out what is being said about you, say something about someone else, keep up on the gossip or…. you could do something people 20 years ago would have paid millions for:

4 inches from your face, on your cell phone, or 12 inches from your face on your desk (computer)…you have literally ALL the world’s knowledge. If you don’t know something, you can find it, instantly. If you are not sure about something, you can be so. If you want to be smarter, you can immediately go to the head of the class.

You don’t have to drive to the library, or go to 4 years of college, or even read a complete book. The internet will take you to places you can only dream of, give you knowledge that can increase your earnings, solve problems you may think you have, connect with the world’s most brilliant people, and let you discover things only those “smart people” know.

Or, you could play Farmville 40 hours per week and wonder why your future looks so small and miserable.

Think of it this way: You’ll never have to say “I don’t know” again.