Managed Response: The Aspirin for Your Headache
By Admin

August 10, 2010

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In making phone calls to potential clients I am often met with, “Are you JUST a TEMP SERVICE?”  It’s so common because of what has become the perceived role of a “Hiring Service”.  Of course my answer is “No…we are a flexible staffing service.”

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A flexible staffing service is one that is capable of handling “temporary” placements, but also is equipped and capable to provide consultation and services that will meet not only immediate hiring needs, but also help in creating a strategy for their clients as they plan for their next hiring wave.  That being said let me share with you just one service we offer here at Champion that separates us from the rest of the “services” out there.  It’s called Managed Response.

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Indulge me with a quick scenario…Two years ago, ABC Company had a Human Resource Department that was staffed with 4 HR Professionals.  The downturn in the economy forced some tough decisions and the company laid off two of those individuals.  The two remaining professionals took on the duties of the individuals who were let go.  Naturally their duties expanded and they found themselves not only doing the work they did before, but the additional duties no longer being covered. with punctuation essay
Everyone adjusted and for a while it was busy, but hey, they had jobs and they were managing.  Then business started picking up, there were increased orders and word had come down from the top that the company was again going to be hiring!  GREAT NEWS!  The company opened up 3 positions and the Human Resource Department went to work.  They did what they always did and created ads and used some of the latest computer techniques.  The resumes started coming in.  Boy, did they ever start coming in!!  100 resumes for just one position…in one day!  Can you relate? Art with universitas
Now with 100 resumes, the already very busy HR pros found themselves completely overwhelmed.  They started saying to themselves, “If I could only had some extra help!”  Well, NOW THERE IS HELP!

Champion Personnel offers a service that we call Managed Response.  This system handles the front end of the hiring process.  After collaborating with our new client, our expert recruiters will create appropriate ads that will attract the right individuals.  Then, our recruiters will go through the resumes received with their experienced eyes to identify the top candidates.  Once we have gone through the resumes, we will forward only the qualified candidates over to the companies HR Department to continue with their regular interviewing process.  How nice would it be to NOT have to go through 100 resumes and simply evaluate the best 3, 5 or 10?  I like to say that Managed Response enhances what HR Executives are already doing well and can very well be the aspirin to their headache!

This is not a full all out recruiting effort as we don’t go after particular individuals.  We work with the resumes received.  But, don’t forget, if you do need an Executive level search we do that too!