Customize Your Resume — No Generic Ones!
By Admin

August 9, 2010

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I do a lot of blog readings for this web site.  Mostly, I’m looking for helpful tips to share here in The Great Workplace for those of you who are looking for a career opportunity.  And today I read this article entitled Objective of a Resume and it made me realize that this is something we’ve not discussed here before. So let’s talk about it.

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The days of generic resumes, where you post your life achievements and accomplishments by chronological order are over.  Plain and simple, done, never to be seen again, adios, au revoir, taboo even.   Why? you ask…because the HR authority hasn’t the time to read all that hoopla.

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Actually they don’t even read the resume.  They scan it.  Not literally with a machine but with their eyes.  They’re looking for the exact phrases and qualities that they need for a specific job posting. That’s all they have time to do with each resume.  It’s nothing personal.

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They may receive anywhere from 100 – 250 resumes.  And they still have other responsibilities to do as well as the hiring.  So for you, you need to be very specific in your resume and only put information that directly relates to them and their job post.

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If they are looking for a pole climber to fix overhead wires, don’t add supervisor of 100 people … put pole climber … that will definitely catch their eye.

If they are looking for a specific machine and you’ve done that then put it down.  Or if they want qualities and traits that you have experienced and are skilled at put them down. Save the life story for the actual interview when you can explain it to them face to face in a story.

You can keep the top of the resume the same but always, ALWAYS change the body of it to match the job posting.  Your resume is to catch their eye and make them want to meet you personally. The only way you’ll hook them is to let them know you’ve DONE IT!  Use their wording if possible.  But never, ever send a generic one size fits all resume.  They just won’t see it!