BP and Your Job Search
By Admin

August 5, 2010

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So how is your job search going? Have you registered with reputable staffing companies?  Did you take a personal evaluation of each interview so you can be better prepared for the next?  Fine tuned your answers? Let me know how things are going. Share your thoughts.

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Sometimes it helps to talk things out with another. And sometimes it helps to enlist the aid of a personal coach. A personal coach is someone who is not emotionally connected to you, helps you in developing your personal goals, gives you objective feedback on your progress and helps you stay on track.

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Getting out of our own way may be just the answer. Look at the BP mess. Now they can’t find the oil. All the talk and concerns over the clean-up which I’m not saying isn’t real or a grave disaster to the environment in the gulf, it is. It was horrible. Many lives were taken – habitat and people. Jobs were lost. Livelihoods were stopped and families suffered.  But where is the oil?

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Man!  Why do we think we need to CONTROL everything?  Look what’s happening.  The earth is absorbing the oil.  Everything is working out WITHOUT us.  Time of course moves slowly in this case but who thought the earth could heal herself?

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Maybe, just maybe, if we got out of our own way and not demand control of everything things would just work out. If we just relaxed and had confidence in ourselves, talked our talk and walked our walk, eliminated the negativity, we’d achieve our goals.

Find a personal coach. Talk things out.Get real feedback. Ask your recruiter for some sit down time. Talk things out with them. Be brave. Accept the coaching. Destroy the negativity. And just let it happen. If you come across confident, positive and self assured and BELIEVE it will come, it will.