NE Ohio Leads Nation in Manufacturing Jobs COMEBACK! (WE Don’t Need LBJ!)
By Admin

August 4, 2010

Posted byChris Thompson – 08.03.2010. Reprinted from The + NE Ohio Blog

I cannot help but wonder when was the last time this happened: From February to June of this year, the Cleveland metro led the nation’s 40 largest MSAs in manufacturing job growth. The Cleveland MSA added about 5,000 manufacturing jobs, according to the trusty analysis done by Harold D. Miller, who blogs at Pittsburgh Today.

The job growth numbers remain modest and don’t begin to erase the painful losses suffered over the last few decades in the region. But they do hint at the potential of a new, more vibrant future for our region. And they do require us to begin to tell a different story about our region. At least when it comes to this recovery, we are not doing worse than other places. We are doing better. Spread that story for a bit and let me know how people respond.

For those of you with a strong schadenfreude streak, you will want to check out the chart on Miller’s blog and see what city ranked last in overall job growth.

WEWS-TV reporter Tracy Carloss did two reports on Tuesday, Aug. 3, on the improving job numbers and she profiled one of the region’s growing manufacturing companies.