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July 30, 2010

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We all live with and BY illusions. Businesses thrive on them. Relationships are built on them. Days are filled with them. Some we manufacture, some we simply board and float on.

What are yours?



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    The one big illusion that most people have regarding relationships is that they know EXACTLY where their relationship stands with another person, be it personal or professional. If that were true, then how come you here so many people or businesses talk about how they were “shocked” when they lost a friend, spouse, or customer? Usually, the culprit is the fact that relationship wasn’t maintained as well as it could’ve been. Another main reason is even when it was maintained (i.e. talking to each other on a regular basis) the parties involved didn’t communicate effectively or didn’t discuss thing that really mattered.

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    However, there is one other big reason and it’s unfortunate… The party who dissolved the relationship, didn’t WANT to let the other party know how they were really felt and ended the relationship without giving out any sort of signals that that was their intention.

  2. Ahhhh Grasshopper. Is it that we “see” things from just the perspective we want?