Back to School!
By Admin

July 29, 2010

Everything still seems kind of crazy even though businesses are starting to show more life than they have in the last couple of years. With the school year fast approaching, parents are starting to prep for their children’s return to school. We all know education is very important. We make sure our children have what they need to excel while in school. We coach and guide them as much as possible so they learn everything they can, move on to college, finally going out to embrace their dream career.

What about us though??

We should be going into work everyday like we are going back to school. There is always something new to learn. Change is always happening. Do what you can to help yourself grow with your company. Ask if there is anything you can help with. Let your managers or owner know you are interested in learning anything new.

Some companies provide extra training for things like driving a towmotor. You should always sign up for any kind of continued training or education available to you. You will better yourself and show the company that you really want to be the best employee possible. This will also help you in the future should you ever need to find new employment. You can always take your skills with you.

Children have lots of breaks throughout the year…but we are always in school. There are so many things to learn if you open yourself up to growth through education. Knowledge is a powerful thing! How strong are you?