He Blew the Opportunity
By Admin

July 16, 2010

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Money, fame and the envy of millions cannot hold a candle to being able to positively affect the lives of millions, the futures of millions and the futures of generations to come. Literally BILLIONS of people would die for the opportunity to do so.

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It is what we call “Honor”. It is what makes Saints, Heads of State, and Heroes. It is also what makes the guy next door you can count on, the husband or wife you actually love, and in each employee who helps the company move forward. It is in the unnamed scientist(s) who invented the cap to stop the oil leak in the Gulf.

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“Honor” is part of a code: The Marines know it, right down to the guy or gal who cleans the latrines. LeBron couldn’t spell “Honor” (unless a teacher helped).

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It is the person who earns the Medal of Honor, the Firefighter who saves lives, the teacher who turns around a dull student and produces a young Rhodes Scholar. It is IN every soldier who can walk under the banner of: “Some gave all, all gave some”. Heroes.

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It is IN the person who worked 25 hours without a break to pull a young child from certain death in the Haitian rubble. The person who we didn’t see in the headlines. It is IN the person who pays for the coffee of an officer at a diner, without the officer knowing it.

LeBron James had that opportunity to positively affect the lives of millions of people in his home region. People who had once been proud and have had bad economic times, poor politicians and international media rain on their parades. He had the opportunity to give hope, and give a future.

LeBron blew his potential sainthood when he used the most ultimately selfish line: “ I (emphasis on The First Person possessive) am taking MY talents to South Beach”.

Money was not the issue. He would make more if he became the Supporter of his birthplace. A Championship would have come. Dan would not let that slip away.

It was a simple, not complex, decision: Do for millions or do only for self and your posse. It is the decision that more and more people are making today. LeB is simply an example of this disease.

He simply chose self over honor. What an empty choice. We all watched him make that choice: Honor for the Greater Good, or The dishonor of the word “I”, when used as a selfish choice.

Respectfully submitted.


  1. Not only did he turn down honor for himself, he DISHONORED Northeast Ohio. Miami, South Beach, or whatever you want to call it is a transient city – made up of people from all over the place (most not even born in the USA). The brown & orange, wine & gold, and blue & red runs through every Clevelander’s veins.

  2. The idea of “Honor” is very unfamiliar to most people today. The very thought of doing things for a greater good or “immortality” is so foreign to “Immediate Pleasure” it is resisted by most people. Attention spans today are as short as a Gnat’s. LeQuitter is simply an example of everyone’s interest in “The Tao Of Me” (Copyright, by the way)

  3. John Wallencheck

    It’s not so much that he left that bothers me, it’s the way he did it. LeBron knew exactly what team he was going to play for for a long time. Yet, he handcuffed the Cavs by signing a short term contract which limited their ability to sign any elite free agents who could’ve helped LeBron win a championship here. The Cavs went over and beyond the call of duty to cater to him and this is how he repays them? It’s bad enough that he didn’t even call them to inform them of his “decision” but they had to find out on an hour long Prime Time special on ESPN? Then, in an ultimate twisting of the knife, he waited until all of the other elite free agents had already committed to other teams before his announcement so they couldn’t sign any of them! Where is the honor in any of that?

  4. John: LeQuitter does not understand HONOR, at all … not even close. He is a reflection of all things that are wrong with many people today: Selfish, Self-Centered and … did I say Selfish? Versus: All gave some, some gave all. A foreign thought to Quitter and Buddies.